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Results for subject term "The starting point for the tour is the Pump Station brewery in Albany New York. In addition to being an operational brewery the Pump Station owned by C.H. Evans Brewing has crafted a recreation of the Albany Ale that was a major part of the brewing operations in Albany around the late nineteenth century. Located at 19 Quackenbush Square in Albany the Pump Station is both a brewery and restaurant and opened for business in 1999. The brewery is a sponsor of the Albany Ale Project which works to recreate the beer produced in Albany during its beer industries heyday as well as preserves information about the history of said industry. A caveat that must be added is that this location is an operational restaurant not a historic site and was selected for the tour because of its efforts to recreate the style of beer that acted as the trademark of Albany’s beer industry in days past. The resurrected beer is called Amsdell’s 1901 Albany XX Ale based on records from another tour location the Albany Institute of History and Art and is also available for home brewers interested in a challenge. Said challenge comes from the fact that there is no one exact recipe for Albany Ale and to recreate the beer a touch of imagination is required.
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