Catherine "Kate" Hamilton (Section 5, Lot 23)

Born in 1781, Kate Hamilton was the widowed wife of former Albany lawyer Isaac Hamilton. When Hamilton died in 1847 she was the first in the Albany Rural Cemetery to be buried in a vault as well as the first to establish a payment plan to ensure her gravesite continued to be maintained. It is said that Hamilton was buried with a sum of cash, and because of this demanded that her tomb be locked and that the lock be filled with lead to seal her away forever. Graverobbers were eventually able to break into the tomb via controlled explosive, but Hamilton’s coffin was unbreachable. Hamilton’s tomb was torn down, though no one knows when, leaving behind a simple grave marker that can still be seen today.(1)

Street Address:

Section 5 Lot 23, Cemetery Ave, Albany, NY 12204 [map]

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