Joel Munsell (Section 4, Lot 47)

Joel Munsell was born in Massachusetts in 1808 and moved to the Albany area after serving an apprenticeship as a wheelwright and printer in his home state. Munsell is well known for his various publications throughout his life both pre and post-Civil War, including one of his most notable works “Annals of Albany,” a multi-volume collection of news reports spanning ten years of Albany’s history. Munsell is also one of the founders of the Albany Institute of History and Art; a further reflection of his love for book art and printing.(1) Munsell died in 1880, the marking him as having the most recent death of the tour. Along with the monument marking his grave in the Albany Rural Cemetery, Munsell had a bronze tablet dedicated to him and hung outside the shop he began his apprenticeship in. The tablet has since been taken down and has disappeared.(2)

Street Address:

Section 4 Lot 47, Cemetery Ave, Albany, NY 12204 [map]

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