Harmanus Bleecker (Section 3, Lot 61)

Born in Albany, New York in 1779, Harmanus Bleecker’s family tree can be traced all the way back to the original Dutch settlers of the Capital District.(1) Bleecker was born into an affluent family, and was privileged with the access to good education. In his early twenties Bleecker had passed his bar exam and was practicing law in Albany with great success.(2) He soon began teaching law to others at what was then known as the State Normal School. For a short time Bleecker acted as a Federalist congressman in Washington until he returned to Albany to become first an assemblyman and then a state commissioner. Due to his passion for politics and his great proficiency in the Dutch language, Bleecker was appointed ambassador to the Netherlands, a position he gladly served for a handful of years. When Bleecker died in 1849 he left his entire estate to his widow, and when she passed a sum of around $80,000 was donated to the city of Albany.(3)

Street Address:

Section 3 Lot 61, Cemetery Ave, Albany, NY 12204 [map]

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