Beverwyck Brewing Company

Only non-German brewery included on the tour due to it's importance during prohibition

The second to last stop on the tour is here at Beverwyck Brewing Company, This is the only non-German brewery included in this tour. The reason for it being included is because it is the third of the three breweries that outlasted the prohibition of 1920 and reopened in 1933 after the repeal of the prohibition. Instead of completely shutting down and closing it's doors, this brewery had a license to produce non-alcoholic beverages in the absence of beer. This brewery included refrigeration as well, because of its lager production, so they stayed open as a beverage company. Beverwyck Brewery first opened in 1878, being one of many at the time. Once the Erie Canal opened in 1825, brewing business in Albany grew exponentially due to the access to the River, as well as a new route of transportation. When they reopened in 1933 as a brewery, they created 6 different products. These products included Beverwyck India Ale and Porter which was produced from 1933 through 1944. From 1933 through 1950 they brewed Beverwyck Ale, Bock, Beer and Irish Cream. When reopened, they also added on a bottling facility as well as a new storage facility. This doubled the capacity of the brewery. One thing that is important to know about the three breweries that outlasted prohibition is that even though they survived, they still never regained national redistribution. Sadly, the Brewery was sold in 1950 to F & M Schaefer Brewing Co. of Brooklyn, New York. In 1972 F&M Schaefer closed down the brewery for good.


Source: Schenectady Gazette, December 12, 1947 View File Details Page

Street Address:

30/52 North Ferry Street, Albany N.Y. 12207 [map]

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