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One of the oldest museums in the United States

The Albany Institute of History & Art was built in 1791 on Washington Avenue. The location itself can tie to a theme of Albany landmarks, as the Institute neighbors The Amory and former Harmanus Bleeker Library. Nearby lies The New York State Capitol as well.

The type of work displayed in the museum support its mission to educate on the history and art of Upper Hudson Valley. There are many collections of landscape paintings, portraits, sculptures, and contemporary art. Distinctively enough, a large portion of the art display was created in the Albany region. The most notable pieces that capture significant areas in Albany such as The Van Rensselaer Manor House, and The Entrance of the Canal in the Hudson at Albany.

The institute serves as an education outreach, expanding the learning experiences to students, teachers, and interested guests. Other features of the Institute include 1st Fridays of the month free, family programs, tours, guest speakers/lectures, school visits, and volunteer opportunities.

Some current exhibitions include: The Capital Region in 50 Objects, Gathers of Glass, and Abraham Lincoln: The Albany Connection.

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125 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12210 [map]

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