Albany Civic Theater

2nd Avenue's place to showcase

Arts and involvement within Albany

Located in the Delaware area of Albany, Albany Civic Theater was established in the mid-1950s. This area is considered vibrant, with Normanskill Farm and Hacket Bike trail, restaurants, and bistros nearby. The two-floor theater is located on 2nd Avenue, where initially was not welcomed by the community. There were plans for a series of office buildings, which contrasted the purpose of a theater (to entertain). After revision on the building’s manufacturing, the theater remained.

The mission of Albany Civic Theater is to provide education and training in the field of arts. The theater also has opportunity for community partnership, educational outreach to aspiring artists, and opportunities to volunteer.

Since its opening, the theater puts on at least 5 productions a year, maintaining relevance and providing entertainment within the community.

Although a small theater with around 125 seats, the theater has landed in local news for controversial productions such as gender transitions and bullying. Albany Civic Theater has been able to remain a staple for the growing arts in Albany.

Street Address:

235 second avenue, albany, ny 12209 [map]

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