The Old Hinckel Brewery

Prussian Brewery

A Prussian man by the name of Frederick Hinckel and a man from Bavaria named Johann Andreas Schinnerer came together in 1852 and started their own brewery. For those who aren’t sure of what exactly Prussia is, Oxford Dictionary defines Prussia as “a former kingdom of Germany. Originally a small country on the southeastern shores of the Baltic Sea, it became a major European power, covering much of modern northeastern Germany and Poland, under Frederick the Great. After the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–71, it became the center of Bismarck's new German Empire, but was abolished following Germany's defeat in World War I.”
The brewery went by the name of Cataract Brewery up until the 1850’s when the name was changed to Hinkel Brewery. The name Cataract, which means large waterfall, came from when the brewery overlooked the falls of Beaver Kill. The reason for the changing of the name was because Frederick Hinckel bought out his partner, Johann Andreas Schinnerer, and became the sole owner. In comparison to Hendrick Brewery, this one started off slow as well and then skyrocketed. In 1886 alone the brewery produced at least thirty five barrels of beer, with their most famous beer being a sparkling lager. When Fredrick Hinckel Jr. passed away in 1916, the brewery lost all ties with the family. At this time, it was easy to tell that the brewery was one of the best equipped, with all the latest brewing technologies. From there is closed for good in 1922. Today the original building is mostly intact and a newly renovated apartment building on the corner of Park Avenue and South Swan. As you can see, the brick exterior has since then been very well preserved.

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Corner of South Swan and Park Ave. Albany N.Y. 12202 [map]

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