Dobler Brewing Company

Third German Brewery on tour

Dobler Brewing Co. opened in 1865 on Myrtle Avenue around the corner from the Park Ave./South Swan St. intersection in Albany New York. Dobler Brewing Company is also pretty important because it was one of the three breweries that outlasted the prohibition in 1920. After the repeal of prohibition in 1933, it opened back up for business. The reason that this brewery, as well as Hendrik Brewing Company and Beverwyck Brewing Company, survived was because their beers, which were lagars, required a refrigeration system. This made it so that during prohibition they could produce and sell items such as soda, or ice cream. This brewery produced a version of Albany ale that was known as XXX Amber Ale The XXX Amber Ale that was being created was originally made famous at a New Jersey brewery called Feigenspan, who had purchased Dobler before the prohibition. At the peak of business Dobler Brewery produced more than 20,000 barrels a year. In April 1959 it was then sold to Hampden-Harvard Breweries of Williamansett, Massachusetts. Not too long after the brewery was purchased, it was knocked down in 1960. The only building that still remains is the building that was responsible for delivering some of their beer. The main building has been completely cleared and are now lots, but at one time one of the largest breweries stood there.


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Street Address:

208-210 Myrtle Ave. Albany NY 12202 [map]

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