Wollf's Biergarten

Only German Biergarten located in Albany today

This tour concludes here, at the only authentic German Biergarten currently located in Albany, Wolff’s Biergarten. According to their website, they “specialize in 3 things at Wolff’s: bier (The finest German, Belgian and Czech biers), wurst (quality sausages and schnitzel served with homemade spatzle) and soccer (televising all your favorite live games from around the world).” Over 20 different German biers are served at Wolff’s, including Weihenstephaner Hefe-Weissbier and Franziskaner Dunkelweiss, which are wheats, Bitburger and Warsteiner Pilsners, as well as Paulaner Salvator and Weihenstephaner Korbinian, which are both dark biers.
Along with the love for beer at this biergarten comes the love for food. Wolff’s is known for their traditional German food, including spätzle and wurst. Spätzle is a handmade noodle dish that is made by dripping an egg batter into boiling water, and wurst is a German sausage. Spätzle was originally a dish for poor country folk in Germany who had no alternative due to its short ingredient list. These two dished have been part of German tradition for many years, spätzle even being in pre-1725 paintings.
With that being said, what goes best with beer and great food? Why, sports of course. In Germany the most watched, practiced, and played sport is football. I’m not talking about
American football, but the American soccer. Germany’s football team is Bundesliga, and has the highest average attendances of any football (American soccer) league in the world. Among all professional sports leagues in the world, the attendance is only second to American football. Germany’s team has won the FIFA World Cup on four different occasion, the first being in 1954, Second in 1974, third time in 1990, and most recently in 2014. Wolff’s Biergarten was also voted 2nd best soccer bar in America.
Being known for their bier, German authentic food, and soccer games, they also help throw a huge Octoberfest in North Albany every fall since 2009. Octoberfest is a German street festival that has a lot to offer, including bier, keg bowling, music and commemorative steins.

Street Address:

895 Broadway, Albany NY 12207 [map]

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