Albany Brew Tour (Albany Pump Station)

Albany Pump Station

Great beer and Great food

The Albany Pump station is the home of C.H Evans Brewing Company in Albany, NY. What is really cool about C.H Evans Brewing Company is their family history. The Evan’s have been in the brewing industry for three generations beginning in 1786. The original brewery shut down in 1920 due to prohibition like many other breweries. They were somewhat of a large brewery and even shipped out to England and France.
C.H Evans is now a very successful micro-brewery in downtown Albany. They have 8,000 square feet in their facility and produce enough beer to sell locally and even reach out a little to farther locations.
The beers they have on tap are all home brewed in the factory and appeal to all types of beer drinkers. From IPA’s to porters, I’m sure they have a beer you could get used to drinking.
A very cool project they were working on in 2015 was to recreate a beer from Albany’s prime brewing days. They worked in collaboration with a local beer writer/researcher in order to gather the correct recipe for the beer. In fact, on September 5th 2015, for that day, they had the beer on their tap for all to come in and try. How cool is it that they were able to recreate a beer recipe from the ‘good old days’ of Albany’s beer scene?
Like many of the other micro-breweries in the US, The Pump Station also features a restaurant with raved about food. They also have enough room to old special events for large parties who wish to rent out the space for banquets.


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19 Quackenbush Square, Albany, NY 12207 [map]

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