Albany Brew Tour (Beverwyck Brewery)

Beverwyck Brewery

How Beer survived prohibition in Albany

Beverwyck Brewery was located in downtown Albany on North Ferry Street. The brewery produced beer from 1878 until prohibition went into effect. After prohibition ended in 1933, Beverwyck opened back up for brewing. It opened back up with six different products: Porter, Beverwyck Indian Ale, Beverwyck Ale, Bock, Beer, and Irish Cream Ale. At some point in the 1940’s, the company implemented a streamlined bottling system that was able to double production capacity. In 1950 the brewery was bought out by F & M Schaefer Brewing Co of Brooklyn, New York. It was then closed down in 1972
Beverwyck never closed down much like Dobler Brewing. This was another brewery of Albany that brewed lager before the implementation of prohibition, and much like Yuengling, survived using this resource. Also like Yuengling and the other two Albany breweries that survived prohibition, they were said to have produced ice cream using these lager refrigeration tanks. Beverwyck is also said to have had a license to produce non-alcoholic beverages which was another large reason they were able to survive the tough times.


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