The Historic Schuyler Mansion

Home of the famous Schuyler Family from the late 1700s the the early 1800s.

The Schuyler Mansion is a historic landmark and museum in modern day downtown Albany. It has housed events like Alexander Hamilton and Millard Fillmore's weddings and has been used in a multitude of ways throughout United States history.

Philip Schuyler was born in Albany, New York in 1733. At the age of 22 Schuyler joined Britain's fight in the French and Indian War. He had the roll of quartermaster during this war. This meant that he purchased supplies and organized equipment for his company. During 1761 Schuyler traveled to England to settle his accounts from purchasing supplies during the war.

Construction was started on the Schuyler Mansion during this trip. (“Philip Schuyler”) The mansion was built on eighty acres of land about half a mile from Albany. Philip and his wife Catherine Van Rensselear moved into the home in 1765. When they moved in they had three daughters named Angelica, Elizabeth, and Margarette. Over the course of their lives Catherine and Philip birthed fifteen children, although only eight survived infancy. Once they settled into their home Catherine birthed the remaining five children from 1765 to 1781. She first had three boys named John, Philip, and Rensselear and then she had two girls named Cornelia and Catherine. (“Schuyler Mansion”)

Schuyler became a member of the New York Assembly in 1768. He served until 1775 when he was elected to Continental Congress. He served this for only a few months until he was appointed the Major General for the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War. He was in charge of a good portion of the North and was given the task to stop the British from their plan of cutting the American Colonies in two, also known as the Saratoga Campaign. (“Philip Schuyler”) During the American Revolution the Schuyler Mansion was a center of military in the northern part of the United States. Schuyler would often operate network spies out of his home during the war. (“Schuyler Mansion”) 

The home also housed many family affairs. These affairs included the wedding of his daughter Catherine to Alexander Hamilton in 1780. Hamilton is a founding father of the United States. There is a Broadway play about him currently running in New York City.(“Alexander Hamilton”) The Schuyler family was also very well known for their hospitality. They have housed George and Martha Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison and more in their home over the course of their occupancy of the mansion. When Schuyler died in 1804 the land was split evenly amongst his six remaining children. The children had established their own lives elsewhere so they sold the property to John Bryan. The mansion had a few owners after them, including a widow who remarried Millard Fillmore and lastly a conversion to an orphanage. Fillmore’s wedding took place in the same parlor of the mansion as Catherine Schuyler and Alexander Hamilton's wedding did. The orphanage sold the mansion to New York State in 1911. After restoration New York State opened up Schuyler Mansion as a State Historic Site in 1917. (“Schuyler Mansion”) It has been an operating museum ever since. (“Schuyler Mansion Historic Site”)

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