Experimental School/Milne School

A School for Teachers to Experiment

A former school, who keeps their community alive.

In May of 1885, the “Experimental School” was opened as a school for students of the State Normal College to practice teaching (University at Albany). It is noted that this may have been the first of its time. However, it is also noted on their website, Myra Armon notes that the laboratory began in 1845 as an elementary teaching school (Armon).
In 1867, the school’s website also notes, it change its name from the Experimental School to the Model School of the Albany Normal School (Armon). Geoffrey P. Williams notes that there were about forty five students in the first class at this school. In 1890, the State Normal College began to include high school level training for its students. The Experimental School responded by offering high school training classes in addition to elementary school. In 1905, the school began to focus only on high school. Following, the State Normal College, where it assumed that the Experimental College was located, burnt down. Four years later, the school’s new campus was built. This campus is now the Downtown Campus of the University at Albany (Williams, ).
In 1915, the school was named the Milne School, after its former president William J. Milne (Armon). Following, it went on for many successful years. The school had numerous extra circular activates, such as Glee Club, Quintilian Literary Society, Hobby Club, and unusually named “Hams, Inc.” There was also a Red Cross Council, Future Homemakers of America, and even two Athletic organizations for girls: the Girls Athletic Council, and the Milne Girls Athletic Association. Sports included everything from tennis, to bowling, to basketball. For girls, there was a basketball team, field hockey, soccer, and more. The school also held special events, everything from the traditional senior prom, to an Alumni Ball, and even “Sock Hops.”
Sadly, over the years, slowly started to end clubs due to budget cuts, and the real need for a school giving teachers experience was seen as unnecessary. In 1977, the school closed (Williams)
Even though the school has closed, there is still an alumni newsletter which is sent out every month. In addition, there is a “Hall of Fame” done for the alumni. One member of this hall (as of October 2012), is Robert V. Meghreblian. He was born in Egypt in the 1920s, and moved to the United States one year later. He began attending RPI but transferred to Milne in 7th grade. He was known as being incredibly bright and a great friend. He credits two of his teachers at Milne for his success. Meghreblian graduated from Milne in 1940. He continued his education and eventually received his PhD. He now has a family, and is extremely successful as a rocket scientist. That’s right, Meghreblian works as a physicist in various sciences, from nuclear propulsion to rocket science.
All of this focus on alumni and remembrance of the school is truly inspiring. As a graduating senior, I admire their efforts to stay close to their school, and the people they experienced it with.

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