The Amsdell Brothers Brewing & Malting Company

A prominent family-run brewery in Albany, opened in 1840.

A brewery whose story of family-run business and 'The American Dream' led to becoming a prominent brewery on the east coast.

The first stop on our historical tour is The Amsdell Brothers Brewing & Malting Company. IT was one of the most prominent breweries within the city of Albany during the mid-to-late 1800s. A man named William Amsdell learned the tools of the brewing trade while working as head brewery for John Taylor, a bold Albany businessman who pioneered the industry at the time. Amsdell opened a brewery of his own on Rose Street while working under Taylor, but eventually left his employer and moved his brewery to modern-day Guilderland with his sons George and Theodore.

George would eventually open his own brewery at Jay and Lancaster streets only to be joined years later by his younger brother, thereby establishing the company as “The Amsdell Brothers Brewering & Malting Company”. Utilizing the expertise passed down to them by their father, and riding the wild popularity of their “Albany XX Ale”, the family-run business rapidly became one of the most prominent on the east coast. At its peak, the brewery was reportedly shipping in excess of 100,000 barrels of assorted ales, IPAs, and porters. Additionally, The Amsdell Brothers Brewing & Malting Company holds the recognition of being the final brewery in the city to brew the Albany XX Ale.

Notably, Theodore Amsdell left the George and the company in the late 1890’s to pursue his own business; he would go on to invest in our next stop, The Dobler Brewing Company, where he held the position of president until his passing in 1903.


Amsdell Brewery

Amsdell Brewery

Workers at George I. Amsdell Brewery, Albany c.1910 | Source: Toned gelatin silver print Albany Institute of History & Art Library, P2657.84 View File Details Page

Street Address:

135 Jay Street, Albany, NY [map]

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