Historic Schuyler Mansion

The home of renowned Revolutionary War general, Philip J. Schuyler.

Many different types of activities took place including, military strategizing, political affairs, very elegant social events, and a very active family life.

Philip John Schuyler was born in Albany in 1733 to a wealthy colonial family. In 1755 Schuyler joined the British Forces for the French and Indian War, where he was commissioned as a captain but quickly achieved the rank of quartermaster. As quartermaster, Schuyler was responsible for purchasing supplies for the company and organizing the equipment. (“Maj. General Philip J. Schuyler (Continental Army),” )

Schuyler made a trip to England from 1761-1762 to settle his accounts during his time as a quartermaster. It was during this time that his new home in Albany (Schuyler Mansion) was constructed. The mansion was originally built on 80-acres of land in Albany. The estate originally included an apple orchard, a formal garden, and a working farm. The building is constructed in a Georgian style and is situated on a bluff overlooking the Hudson River. (“Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site Tours - NYS Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation,”)

In 1775 Schuyler was elected to the Continental Congress and was eventually appointed as a Major General of the Continental Army. As General, Schuyler took command of the North and planned the invasion of Canada in 1775. Schuyler was also involved in the planning of the defense against the Saratoga Campaign. The Saratoga Campaign was part of the strategy used by the British in an attempt to divide the American Colonies in two by invading New York State.

The mansion was also the site for many social occasions as well as its military and political functions. The wedding of Schuyler's second daughter, Elizabeth, was married to the federalist, Alexander Hamilton. The Schuyler Mansion also housed many guests, such as George and Martha Washington, Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, and even a British General who stayed at the house as a "prisoner guest". (“Schuyler Mansion,” 2016)

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