Washington Ave (10th Bn) Armory

The interesting history of this modern day convention center.

First National Guard unit in the city.

The Western Ave. Armory now known as the Washington Avenue Sports and Convention Center was the home of the very first Nation Guard Unit in the surrounding area. The unit that was stationed here were activated to fight in the Spanish - American War where they returned as war heroes. It is particularly interesting because of how much the National Guard has grown. And one of the earliest units were placed right here in the middle of the city. As of recent history, the armory is used for events such as basketball games, conventions, and concerts. More specifically, ever since Basketball has gained popularity and became a professional sport, several professional and collegiate teams have played in this stadium. Originally in 1982, the Armory was the home court to the Albany Patroons for 8 years. After the Patroons moved, the Armory fell into a dangerous financial hole. Luckily the Albany basketball & sports cooperation bought it, renovating it and then reintroduced The Albany Patroons to the stadium.[1]

Street Address:

195 Washington Avenue
Albany NY 12210 [map]

Official Website:

1 http://www.albanyarmory.com/about/

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