Alfred E. Smith Building

Historic Architecture

A peek at Albany's older architecture

Across the street from the the Capitol Building is the Alfred E. Smith building. The building is named after the four term governor and 1928 Democratic presidential nominee. The Smith building is Albany’s second tallest structure and is built in the art deco style of architecture and is constructed with limestone and granite.The art deco style was most popular during the 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s, originally appearing in France. The style is based in using different geometric shapes and contrasting colors.(Wiki)Some interesting features of the Smith Building include the inscription of all 62 counties in New York as well as a mural of famous New Yorkers in the building’s lobby. There was also once an open air observation deck that was open to the public, but was closed when the Corning Tower opened with it’s own observation deck.

The buildings construction was completed in 1928, but over the years many features eventually became obsolete. In 2002, a major renovation was started to modernize the Smith Building. Once completed, the project cost a total of $103 million. Prior to the renovation the building was home to the Albany Comptroller’s office, and once renovation was completed the building housed the Department of State and Division of Budget amongst others.(Wiki)

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