Hudson-Jay Park

Make Nothing into Something

Hudson-Jay park is a small community park that is intended to be used for pets to enjoy a spacious environment and also for small social gatherings such as picnics or having a catch.

Hudson-Jay Park serves the Albany community as a small outdoor grass lot that can be used for various outdoor activities. It is located within the Center Square neighborhood, which is also apart of the Center Square/Hudson-Park Historic District. There are no structures or facilities at this park so it must be used with some imagination and creativity, meaning that if one wanted to be occupied with their time at the park, they would need to create an activity or idea of their own due to its lack of facilities.

Although this park does not have any artificial activities to take part in, groups of friends and families can easily go to the park and enjoy themselves as long as they bring something along the lines of a frisbee or a football to throw around, but an item isn't necessary to enjoy one's time at the park; creativity is. Since there is nothing but grass and open land, there is a wide range of activities to do such as dancing to music, storytelling or yoga/exercise.

Hudson-Jay Park is a great place to bring domesticated pets and most specifically dogs. This land provides them with an open area to play in and enjoy themselves, and who doesn't love a happy dog? It is a safe place to bring pets because one has visibility of the whole park while there so pets can easily be surveyed. Also, there are no dangerous structures or anything that a pet owner may have to be careful about around their pets.

Some people can make the argument that this park has nothing to offer and that there is no point in going there to spend time, but if one wants to enjoy themselves, it can easily happen. Bring your pet or a few family members and friends on a day with good weather and it will be hard not to enjoy the time there.

Street Address:

257 Hudson Avenue Albany, NY [map]

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