Washington Park Lake

Not Oswego Lakers

Washington Park Lake is an artificial body of water covering 5.2 acres of land located under the only original structure of Washington Park; the footbridge.

The lake that is located in the southwestern corner of Washington Park was originally built in eighteen seventy-three. As the lake aged, it needed to be repaired due to a broken pipe that was breached by growing vegetation. This allowed the water to flow out of the lake and into the sewer system. This was discovered after the first attempt at fixing the leaks did not change the water levels of the lake. The same has issues again and required more repairs years later in nineteen ninety-five.

In nineteen ninety one the lake experienced a fish kill. Due to the low levels of oxygen in the water algae developed and a substance needed to be applied to remove it. After the removal of the algae a pipe was hooked up to the lake to pump oxygen into the water. Although hundreds of fish were killed in the process, some returned to normal behave when the oxygen levels increased.

Fishing is a very popular summer activity at Washington Park Lake so it is important that the water is kept safe for the sea animals to survive. The species of fish consist of goldfish, blue gills, largemouth bass, yellow perches and common carps along with others. The panfish create an easy-to-catch fish so that kids can get in on the fishing. On the other hand, during the winters when the lake freezes it is a permitted area to ice skate. Even when the weather is not optimal for outdoors activities there is something to do at Washington Park Lake.

Access Information:

Shoreline access

Parking permitted within the park

Rental boats offered, no private boats

Street Address:

Washington Park Road, Albany, NY, 12203 [map]

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