The Dobler Brewing Company

Founded by John S. Dobler in 1865.

A durable brewery which, thanks to its unique equipment and brewing process, withstood the hardship of prohibition when many other breweries closed their doors.

Fittingly, our second stop on the tour is The John S. Dobler Brewing Company, which was founded in 1865. As aforementioned during our last stop, Theodore Amsdell (of Amsdell Brothers Brewing & Malting Company) bought-in to this company in the late 1890s with his partner George C. Hawley. The most popular of their beers was their “Dobler XXX Amber Ale” which was borrowed from a recipe by another Brewery, Feigenspan, which purchased the brewery before the commencement of prohibition.

This particular company was a very unique brewery in Albany for its time. During this time period nearly all of the local beer companies were solely brewing ales. Ales are brewed from wheat, an abundant resource in New York’s climate, and do not require refrigeration. The Dobler Brewing Co however, was one of few Albany breweries to brew both ales and lagers. While this fact may seem inconsequential, it is actually historically substantial.

Since The Dobler Brewing Company had refrigeration systems in its warehouse, when prohibition was enacted the company was easily converted to refrigerate foods and sodas. Not only that, but once prohibition ended in 1932 it became one of only three Albany breweries to re-open, joining the Beverwyck and Hedrick Brewing Companies (which also brewed lagers).

The main building where the brewery once stood was knocked down in 1960, however, an adjacent building which served as the carriage for 18 delivery horses still stands to this day and is the location marked by this stop.


The Dobler Brewing Co

The Dobler Brewing Co

Looking northeast on Swan Street bween Elm Street and Myrtle Ave. | Source: Photo from AlbanyGroup Archive View File Details Page

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Corner of Swan & Myrtle [map]

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