The Hinckel Brewery

Founded by Frederick Hinckel and A. Schimerer in 1852 as the "Cataract Brewery".

Regarded as one of the highest-end breweries in Albany at the time, parts of the Hinckel Brewery complex have been repurposed into spacious apartments which can still be rented.

Our third stop on this tour is also our most historically in-tact: The Hinckel Brewery. In 1852, businessmen Frederick Hinckel and A. Schimerer founded the Cataract Brewery on Park Avenue. By 1864, Hinckel would buy out his partner and rename the company in his own likeness to “The Hinckel Brewery”. Schimerer would go on to open his own brewery in Schenectady. The Hinckel Brewery, which occupied half a city block, mainly produced their own in-house brew of sparking lager.

Hinckel experienced great success as the owner of The Hinckel Brewery. Reportedly, just in the year 1886 alone, the Hinckel Brewery “produced at least thirty-five thousand barrels of beer and employed seventy-five employees”. Upon Frederick’s death in 1916, which signaled the end of operations, the brewery was recognized as one of the highest end facilities of its time. After its closing, the site of the old brewery was converted into an apartment building.

Today, the Hinckel Brewery Apartments (which was once the company’s malt house) still stand and are actively being rented out at 201 Park Avenue. The apartments, which include spacious rooms, central air, as well as a number of other amenities range in price from $775 per month for a 1-bedroom, $950 per month for a 2-bedroom, and $1250 per month for a 3-bedroom apartment.


The Hinckel Brewery

The Hinckel Brewery

The former Hinckel Brewery still stands today as an apartment complex. | Source: Photo by Paula Lemire View File Details Page

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201 Park Avenue, Albany, NY [map]

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