The Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence

194 Livingston Avenue in Albany, New York

Stephen and Harriet Myers were the point people in Albany for the Underground Railroad from the 1830’s to the 1850’s.

The Story of Stephen and Harriet Myers: Stephen Myers was born into slavery in the 1800’s outside the Rensselaer County, He is listed in records as being set free at the age of eighteen by General Warren. In 1827 Stephen Myers married Harriet Johnson in Troy, New York. In the late 1830’s Stephen Myers began helping escaped slaves, and would also start publishing abolitionist sheets. In 1842 Myers, and his wife Harriet began working with the Northern Star Association, an abolitionist group, that founded its own newspaper called; the Northern Star and Freeman’s Advocate. The Northern Star office and the Myers home would occasionally provide safe passage to fugitive slaves. He and his wife Harriet ultimately help hundreds of escaping slaves with their journey to Canada for nearly thirty years. In early 1856 the Vigilance Committee honored him for having assisted 287 fugitives into freedom in less than a year. [1]
The Story of the Stephen and Harriet Myers Residence: In 1847 John Johnson, an African American, built the Stephen and Harriet Myers residence house at what was then number 198. The neighborhood at the time was predominantly working class, and According to the 1855 Census, Harriet, who married Stephen Myers, was John Johnson’s sister. John Johnson owned the house; although it is not known under what arrangement Stephen Myers and his family came to live there. Stephen Myers served as the chairman of the Vigilance Committee of Albany, which met in the actual Stephen and Harriet Myers residence. The work of the Myer’s earned the Albany station the reputation of being the most well organized Underground Railroad operation in New York State. The Stephen and Harriet Myers house was saved from demolition during the 1970s, but has been seriously neglected. The Underground Railroad History Project of the Capital Region, a community-based historical society, with public and private funds is currently working on restoring the building to its original state. [2]

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