The Pearl Street Schuyler House

A transformation from a family home into a business that would eventually fall.

Built in the mid-1600's, the Schuyler House on pearl street stood for nearly 200 years until it was demolished in 1887.

Philip Pieterse Schuyler was one of the earliest householders in Albany when the lots were first apportioned beginning in 1650 (“Colonel Philip Pieterse Schuyler” 2016). Upon Schuyler's arrival in Albany he originally worked as a gunsmith and a carpenter. However much like the rest of the community he also managed to work his way into the lucrative fur trade that took place in Colonial America. Schuyler quickly became one of the top traders that was located in Albany and began using these profits to acquire additional real estate. The first of these real estate investments began with the construction of a house located on the corner of what are today known as pearl street and state street. The house was constructed around the year 1660.

The house remained under ownership of the Schuyler family for generations until 1777 when it was purchased by Henry Staats. Margarita Schuyler, the granddaughter of Philip Schuyler, remained living in the house until her death in 1782. After the Revolutionary War the residence was used by Staats' widow Anna, as a multi-use business as residence. The building became The City Tavern in 1782 and became the leading hotel in Albany until the Tontine Coffee House and Hotel was built across the street. The building was demolished in 1887 and became the site for the Albany County Savings Bank (“The Corner of State & Pearl” 2016).

Street Address:

S Pearl St & State St, Albany, NY 12207 [map]

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