Quackenbush House

The Olde English Pub and Pantry

The oldest standing structure in Albany.

The Quackenbush House was built in the 1730's by Pieter Quackenbush. However it is better known for being the home of Revolutionary War Officer Hendrick Quackenbush (“Quackenbush House” 2016). Hendrick Quackenbush was a Colonel in the Revolutionary War, and commanded a regiment which fought in the Battle of Saratoga in 1777.

The Quackenbush house is considered one of the finest examples of dutch urban architecture that remains in the country, and to this day is believed to be one of the oldest buildings in Albany that is still standing (“Albany, NY -- A Site on a Revolutionary War Road Trip” 2016). In 1790 the original stepped front gable of the house was modified by Hendrick Quackenbush when he expanded the house, to its present federal style.

The building was not always considered to be part of the city of Albany however. The city limit of Albany used to be at Clinton Avenue, or Patroon Street at the time, established by the Dongan Charter. However, in 1812, the city would annex land to the north, which included the Quackenbush house.

Over the years the building has seen many changes. It has been transformed from a residential building into a building that has served multiple commercial uses. It is the former location of Nicole's Bistro, which was a French restaurant located in the building from 1995-2008. After Nicole's Bistro it became Le Canard Enchaine, another French restaurant, from 2008-2009 (“Quackenbush House” 2015). Today the Quackenbush house is home to The Olde English Pub and Pantry. The Olde English Pub and Pantry serves a variety of quality British beers, as well as delicious english style pub food (“The Olde English Pub & Pantry ~ About” 2016).

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683 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207 [map]

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