Washington Park Playhouse

An Open Playhouse on a Beautiful Pond

The Playhouse of the Central Park of Albany

A beautiful playhouse located on a beautiful pond, the Park Playhouse of Washington Park sits in the heart of outdoor activities in Albany in the warmer months. It remains as one of the few remaining spots in this big city that provides free family fun, all in an open, outdoor environment that supports physical activity.
Since opening in 1989, the Park Playhouse has gone on to put on hundreds of plays starring local theater students- some of which have gone on to star in Broadway musicals, including the leading actress of Broadway’s rendition of Matilda. Some of these stars have attended Playhouse II, a special training program that reaches out to theater-centered local youth to help them becomes the best actresses and actors of our generation!
Upcoming shows for the Playhouse’s 28th season includes The Little Mermaid, Chicago, and Seussical! The Musical.

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