1st Anshe Emeth Synagogue

Established location of Synagogue Anshe Emeth

Original meeting place of the Jewish Synagogue Anshe Emeth, after the "Civil War" of 1850

Congregation Anshe emeth or the Congregation for the "People of truth"This Congregation was lead by Rabbi Wise who lead the strict orthodox Congregation Beth El. The original location of this reform congregation was the first floor of a rented building on Madison Avenue. LAter it was relocated to Green and Hamilton strees and was quickly relocated once more in 1851 to its current location on South peral and herkiker streets. At this location they bought out a baptist church for eight thousand dollars at the discretion of their first president Joeseph sporborg. Sporborg was around when jews first started to migrate to albany in the early nineteenth century and he was an advocate for jewish settlement in albany making it fitting that eh was their first president and helped establish congregation anshe emeth. This was the fourth reform congregation in America with a following of seventy seven members.

This congregation was formed from a splinter group that was formed from supporters of Rabbi wise. Rabbi wise was an advocate for progressive judaism or reform judaism. (snyder p1.) Historically jewish separations would cause internal turmoil because progressives and people who believed in the old ways could not change the minds of the others.

Progressive Judaism wanted to incorporate secular education along with scripture study in order to adapt to modern times. This ideology came about because in the jewish homelands in Europe, non-jewish europeans saw the jews as a useless third party entity. What i mean by this is there were, Europeans, then Catholic Europeans then Jews. Therefore to counter this it was suggested that European secular studies be adopted as a form of assimilation because at this point in the nineteenth century the only options to counter persecution were, to rebel, which wouldnt work out, to relocate which some did or to assimilate. Even though some people chose to assimilate it was not easy therefore they ended up migrating aswell.

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