Robert Yates (Section 8, Lot 1)

Born in Schenectady, NY in 1738, Robert Yates was an uber-patriot and one of the nation’s founding fathers. During the Revolutionary War Yates was an aid to famed general Philip Schuyler.(1) Afterward, Yates moved on to take up several prominent political positions, including serving on and eventually becoming chief justice of the supreme court, as well as assisting in the drafting of New York State’s first constitution.(2) Yates was a well-known anti-federalist who openly spoke against the United States constitution. His anti-federalist sentiment was so well known, in fact, that it is widely speculated that Yates was the writer behind a series of anonymous essays directly combating The Federalist Papers.(3) One anti-federalist paper in particular, attributed to Yates, proclaimed that the Constitution should not be adopted without a bill of rights ensuring the basic human rights of Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, etc, to all US citizens.(4) Yates died in 1801, three years after his retirement from politics.(5)

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Section 8, Lot 1, Cemetery Ave, Albany, NY 12204 [map]

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