Archibald McIntyre (Section 9, Lot 1)

Archibald McIntyre was born in Scotland in 1772. He emigrated to the United States early in his childhood and would eventually grow to be a state assemblyman, state legislator and New York State’s chief fiscal officer. Additionally, McIntyre is known for being a founding owner of an iron ore mine in the Adirondacks.(1) This mine was owned by McIntyre and his two son in laws, both of whom are also buried in the McIntyre family plot. The McIntyre Iron Mine was a hugely successful business venture and, during the time of its operation, was considered the most heavily trafficked areas in the Adirondacks.(2) The mine, as well as the surrounding settlement, eventually closed with the deaths McIntyre and his sons-in-law. McIntyre died in 1858, and had a mountain range in the Adirondacks named after him.(3)

Street Address:

Section 9 Lot 1, Cemetery Ave, Albany, NY 12204 [map]

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